Qzen? It rhymes with Susan.

She’s a vibe creator, a DJ, a voice

...since the turn of the century — Argentina to Iceland, clubs to kitchen counters, Dimensions Festival to MUTEK. You may know her from John Tejada’s classic “Sweat (On The Walls)” or the 40 Thieves heater “Don’t Turn It Off,” both of whom she worked with on several additional releases.

Since 2010, she’s put out music with Dave Aju on Circus Company, Guillaume & the Coutu-Dumonts on Oslo, Mossa on Thema, Sacha Robotti on Klasse Recordings, Never Knows on Untitled & After, and Berkson & What on Modelmaker. She remixed their “Energy Systems,” as well as Canson’s “Don’t Stop” for Thoughtless.

Qzen has a sincere love for music that’s emotive, sophisticated, bass conscious, and tends to both one’s body and mind. With deep roots in drum and bass, her sets most often span the genres of house and bass music, dipping into breakbeat and techno, though she really doesn’t mind what it’s called; if it’s good, she’ll play it.



Qzen lives between Berlin and San Francisco where she works on collaborative projects and original music. Her favorite thing remains moving audiences through the art of DJing.

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